Thursday, June 14, 2007

Mission Re Focus

Coming back off holiday has been like stepping into a whirlwind. The last 18 months in church has felt very pressured and after a week off the treadmill seems to have speed up.

While away I read a couple of books, one being, "Confessions of a Reformissional Rev" by Mark Driscoll. His experience of growing church from a couple of people to nearly 10,000 was incredibly helpful. His honesty about the mistakes he made and the insight he shows in the changes you need to make to enable church to keep growing through different stages was priceless.

More than anything though it helped me to recognise the need to ensure at all times that God's mission to save people must remain the focus. This must never be allowed to become a second class citizen to the work within the church.

As our church has grown over the last few years the louder the call seems to be to look inward and serve the people within who already know Jesus. I need to examine what I am doing to ensure it is focused on reaching out and helping others to reach out to those who still need to know God.

I must remember the outcome is more important than the activity. Busyness is just not good enough anymore.


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