Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Will football disapoint again?

Settling down to watch probably the biggest game in club football - The European Champions League. Seems like the days of my team being in the final are long gone and will likely never be seen again. Although I have had the privilege of watching Aberdeen FC winning the Cup Winners Cup and Aston Villa winning the European Cup.

Tonight its Liverpool v A C Milan. Everything points to Milan with Kaka to win but you never know. If the last few days in Football are anything to go by hope will soon be dashed.

MIlton Keynes Dons
(My home town team) lost out on a play off to get into the next English league. They will be playing football in the basement of the English league in a brand new incredible stadium. The FA Cup final on Saturday was probably one of the worst cup finals in history.

Lets hope for a great match and a few goals - Liverpool to win in the end.


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