Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Lessons from Apple

Read an article today about the unexpected success for Apple's venture into opening flagship stores in city centres and shopping malls. Most pundits predicted failure and Apple to be left with a pretty big bite out of it. Now after what must be classed as a resounding success other manufacturers are being tempted in. Sony has opened a number of stores.

The New York Times carried out a review of the 2 stores. Here are there findings:

They found Sony outlets virtually deserted except for inattentive salespeople and security personnel, while the Apple Store was packed with shoppers and friendly staff. The Sony stores, according to the "retail consultants" The Times later talked to, are merely "places of stuff," a condition which makes them not "shop-able," while the Apple outlets "extend an emotional connection."

Just made me think of our churches. Are they just sterile unwelcoming places that have just packaged our "product" in uninteresting bland ways that does not try to connect with people at there point of need.

The NY Times concluded was that Sony really needed a killer product. Well we have that! (Maybe killer is the wrong word) So why do the vast majority of people still think it isn't relevant to them.

Help us God to stay focused on the people that still need the worlds best product.


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