Friday, May 11, 2007

Ayiesha Woods

Last Sunday we had the great privilege to host Ayiesha Woods at MKCC. She was over from the states for 2 gigs, the Ultimate Event and Louder at the Albert Hall. On the Sunday she visited our church and took most of the services.

Pictured above with her brother they blew the church away. At our 11 am service the standing ovation went on and on. She had a sweet spirit and really brought a great message through song. She sold 119 CDs to our congregation afterwards.

What was interesting to me was as usual it upset some people: for some it was too loud, for some there was no preaching, for some it was because she sung a song with a reggae beat and others well they probably just got out of bed the wrong side.

You certainly can't please all the people all of the time. Anyway I thought Ayiesha was awesome.


Anonymous said...

I dont belive it!!(said in a victor meldrew voice)...How can any one complain about this brother and sister act...I thought they were awesome as well...if I had half as much talent as these two, I would consider my self blessed

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