Monday, May 28, 2007

Joys of preaching

Preached yesterday in our 3 services. Still have not quite used to sharing the same thing 3 times. The emotional energy used really wipes me out. You would think it would get easier each time but actually I find it more difficult. I still visit the toilet as many times trying to deal with the nerves. Add to this the mind games that go on with: I know I have said this before but was it in this service or the last.

Trying to change things on the hoof that didn't go well last time or trying to remember a great point you made that was not in your notes.

The subject matter the last two times I have preached have been good ones. How serious is sexual sin really? and What make God sick? Challenging subjects but really worth investigating.

Even with all the nerves there is nothing I enjoy more than sharing God's word with people in a way that helps them.

I remember the fist time I ever preached. My pastor Roger Blackmore gave me the opportunity as a young lad to preach in a service just before him. It lasted about 3 minutes, I read it all from my notes, the subject matter was Matthew 12 v25, no one else in the world will remember.

But I was hooked for life.


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