Monday, February 27, 2006

An hour on Sunday

Spent the day at a conference hosted by Willow Creek Association UK. I was privileged to listen to Nancy Beech, one of the Teaching Pastors from Willow Creek Church in the USA, present to us from her book "An Hour on Sunday."

Once again I was amazed at the clarity of communication and challenged by the humility and vulnerability portrayed by the leaders of Willow. They have made an incredible impact both in their home city of Chicago as well as 1000's of churches throughout the world. Looking at what they continue to achieve the first reaction can be to think that there is no way we can reach that dizzy heights but some how you leave with some simple steps to put into action and an understanding of the difficulties and struggles they faced in getting there.

One of the things talked about was recollecting a trip to Italy. On that trip she saw many great and famous works of art. It reminded me of my own recent visit to Rome and my trek through the Vatican and various churches. All these magnificent pieces of Art had been commissioned by the church or were now displayed in the church. The churches were home to and for the greatest artists of the time. How times have changed great artists would not see the church as the place to portray their masterpieces. Our churches today are by enlarge seen as boring, dull and irrelevant not a home to the innovative.

Lets try to claim back some of the words that should be used to describe what is God's greatest gift this world His Son Jesus and His followers the church. Maybe one day when asked what comes to mind when you hear the word Church the first word that pops into minds will not be boring. Maybe oneday it will be surprising, relevant, transforming, inspiring, fascinating, exciting and motivating.

Guess that's what I have to become.


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