Sunday, February 26, 2006

Jerry Springer Comes to Town

Seems like "Jerry Springer the Opera" is finally coming to the theatre here in Milton Keynes. It has made the front page of our local paper the MK Citizen, or at least a handful of Christian's views have.

Having purposely tried to watch this show when it appeared on the BBC around Christmas I have to say in my opinion it is dull, boring and uninteresting. There was much publicity at the time with Christians picketing the BBC and sending various threats.

Do not get me wrong I think the message that the "opera" sends out we could do better without but I sometimes think that the message we send out as Christians does more harm to the message of Jesus than this production ever could.

One lady is quoted as saying: "God will be making His own judgments about this and that judgment could come down on Milton Keynes." It frustrates me that we continually talk about God's judgment on people so quickly. Jesus rarely judged people in this way. When he did it was the religious people that he was hard on. Why because they were hypocritical. The said one thing but did another.

To the rest of humanity he brought a message of Grace and Love. He was the friend of the common man was at ease in the company of those who may even have been looked down on by society. To the lady who was caught red handed in the act of adultery he did not condemn but said go and don't do it again. The the terrorist that was killed along side him he welcomed into heaven by His side.

Followers of Jesus were first called Christians because the people around them looked at them and said they were like Christ. Although Jesus never used the word grace he continually conveyed it in everything he did.

Lets not threaten people with Gods judgment lets bombard them with God's love. Fear will bring a short term restraint but love will motivate transformation for life. People will do things out of love that they will not do for anything else.


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