Friday, June 19, 2020

The Holy Spirit at work in Acts 4

Dr Luke's history of the birth and growth of the early church is named "The Acts of the Apostles" may well be better titled the Acts of the Holy Spirit. As like us those early followers of Jesus were totally reliant on the Holy Spirit in everything they did.

The Holy Spirit at work in Acts 4
  • When we proclaim Jesus the Holy Spirit does the rest v4
  • The Holy Spirit arranges incredible opportunities for us to tell others about Jesus. v5-6
  • When telling others about Jesus it's a good thing to be "filled with the Holy Spirit". v8
  • The Holy Spirit will give you the words to say when telling others about Jesus. v8-12
  • The Holy Spirit gives us boldness. v13
  • The Holy Spirit specialises in using unlikely people. v13
  • The Holy Spirit silences even the most sceptical. v14
  • The Holy Spirit at work is a powerful sign to unbelievers. v16
  • The Holy Spirit compels us to tell others about Jesus. v20
  • The Holy Spirit can work a miracle in an instant even if we have been waiting 40 years. v22
  • It was the Holy Spirit speaking through David that wrote the Psalms. v25
  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit David, prophecied about the victory of Jesus. v25-26
  • The Holy Spirit heals and performs "signs & wonders".
  • The work of the Holy Spirit can literally share the ground under your feet. v31
  • An outcome of being filled with the Holy Spirit is boldly telling others about Jesus. v31
  • The Holy Spirit gives the power to share your own "Jesus" story. v33
  • The Holy Spirit gives us the favour of God. v33
  • The Holy Spirit at work in us destroys selfishness and inspires incredible generosity. v34-37


Paul Bunch said...

"shake" ;)

Melva Mangal said...

Excellent gems gleaned from Acts 4 here. Thank you Billy. It was not easy to find any more. However, vs. 24, has another gem that I have experienced: "The Holy Spirit fills us with love, adoration and praise to God in all circumstances. More so when God has done something special for us". Praise God !

Anonymous said...

Praise GOD

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