Tuesday, June 16, 2020

The Holy Spirit at Work - Acts 2

Dr Luke's history of the birth and growth of the early church is named "The Acts of the Apostles" may well be better titled the Acts of the Holy Spirit. As like us those early followers of Jesus were totally reliant on the Holy Spirit in everything they did.

Acts 2
  • The presence of the Holy Spirit can sound like "mighty rushing wind" v2
  • The presence of the Holy Spirit may be seen on occasions. This time as fire. v3
  • Experiencing the Holy Spirit is often likened to being "filled". The greek word for filled can also be translated "to be under full influence". v4
  • The Holy Spirit can give someone the ability to speak a language they have never learned. v4
  • The Holy Spirit draws people to God v6
  • One of the reasons the Holy Spirit gives the supernatural ability to speak in another language is that people who speak that language can here the Gospel. v6
  • The Holy Spirit tells people about "the mighty works of God". v11
  • Being filled with the Holy Spirit can be so overwhelming it can look like a person is drunk! v13
  • The Holy Spirit was promised in the Old Testament. On this occasion, the prophet Joel is quoted by Peter. v16
  • The Holy Spirit is for every believer not a select few. v17
  • A sign of the Holy Spirit is prophesy v17
  • A sign of the Holy Spirit is visions v17
  • A sign of the Holy Spirit is dreams v17
  • The Holy Spirit fills both male and female v18
  • The Holy Spirit brings conviction of sin. v37
  • Receiving the Holy Spirit is an integral part of salvation. v38
  • The Holy Spirit is for every believer from the day of Pentecost onwards. v39
  • The work of the Holy Spirit brings "awe" v43
  • Signs of the Holy Spirit are "many wonders and signs" v43
Can you add any more?

Acts 3 tomorrow


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