Wednesday, June 17, 2020

The Holy Spirit at Work - Acts 3

Dr Luke's history of the birth and growth of the early church is named "The Acts of the Apostles" may well be better titled the Acts of the Holy Spirit. As like us those early followers of Jesus were totally reliant on the Holy Spirit in everything they did.

Acts 3
  • The Holy Spirit gives us gifts to give away v6
  • The Holy Spirit can instantly make limbs that have never been used strong enough to jump v7
  • The Holy Spirit can take a lifetime of hurt into pure joy v8
  • The Holy Spirit in action fills even those who are not followers of Jesus with "wonder and amazement". v9
  • The Holy Spirit at work often draws a crowd v11
  • When seeing the Holy Spirit work through your life often people can reach the wrong conclusion and think you have superpowers. v12
  • The Holy Spirit gives us the words to say to the crowd that points back to Jesus. v13 - 16
  • The Holy Spirit empowered the Old Testament prophets to talk about the coming of Jesus. v21


Paul Bunch said...

The thing about gifts... I didn't earn them. I don't deserve them. They don't make me a better person. I can choose to use or neglect them. The giver has more joy when I appreciate them and do use them.

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