Friday, January 24, 2014


Recently a Christian who had gained some profile because he was a member of UKIP, became front page news when he made a statement about God Judging Britain.

This judgement took the form of floods around the country because our parliament had passed a law about same sex marriage. I happened to mention it on my facebook page and the comments started.

Now God can do anything he chooses so I am not here tell him what he can and cannot do. But just a few thoughts that go through my head:

  • It concerns me that much of the rhetoric I hear from from us Christians is full of satisfaction and anger. God's Judgement coming on people does not really cause me to celebrate. Maybe because I realise how wicked I am, how much I deserve God's wrath yet God diverted it to His Son instead of me. I fail to see how as a recipient of God's grace can gain satisfaction and joy from another person who doesn't.
  • We seem to forget the heart of God is expressed in what is possibly the most famous verse in the Bible. "God so LOVED the WORLD that he gave his one and only son...". 
  • Jesus was "the friend of sinners" he was talked about because he spent time with the worst in society and even went to their houses for meals. On one occasion when faced with someone caught in a sexual sin, the area where we in the church today lose our minds, he chose not to condemn. He REFUSED to throw the stone. He would not carry out the punishment.
Then today I am reading through the story of the early church and come to a place where we would seem to see the judgement of God in action.

A couple decided to pretend that they were entering in to the latest vision offering in their church. They said that they would sell some land and give the money to the cause. Well the day came the land sold but they hatched a plan to keep back some of the money. Then they fell down dead! Judged?

It would seem that where Jesus would not "Judge" the adulteress in the street he did "Judge" the person who lies in His Church.

It would seem that Judgement took place IN His church.

That's why I really don't want to shout and scream about God's Judgement. Not because the world isn't wicked but that I am wicked and I deserve it.


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