Thursday, July 04, 2013

Three BASIC Disciplines of Leadership

“too many leaders forget that they also need to manage themselves, since no one else is doing it; they fail to put into place key boundaries of self-leadership that the sheer volume of work and responsibilities can obscure.” - Dr Henry Cloud

Billy Hybels says that he was so busy doing the work of God that the work of God was killing the work of God in him.

Most church leaders and pastors are busy driven people. There is always something else to be done. Person to be visited, ministry to launch, book to be read, message to be prepared, e mail to be read.

But busyness can never be an excuse for lack of intimacy with God. Busyness rapes relationship. All too often the first thing that goes out the window are our basic spiritual disciplines.

We don't like the word disciple. But for sure if we sacrifice discipline we wander off the path that leads to intimacy with our saviour. Trying to shepherd his church without colliding daily with the heart & voice of the Good Shepherd will eventually scatter the sheep.

Read God's Word

Devour the Bible. If you don't have the time stop reading other books, blogs, tweets, posts, papers and everything else. No quotes from Piper, Chandler, Driscoll or even C S Lewis can bring the wisdom that the Holy Spirit can through his glorious Word.

Speak to God

Pastors can spend their life talking. Talking too long from the pulpit, talking in counsilling sessions, talking in small groups, talking to anybody and everybody they can on a Sunday morning, talking to other leaders & even talking to God on behalf of someone else.

For some being invited into the VIP lounge at the latest conference to talk to the celebrity speakers would be like all their birthdays come at once.

But nothing can replace the simple act of bowing your head coming alone to the very throne of God, leaning forward and whispering into the ear of the Father. Snatching a moment with your God that is not shared with another mortal. Glancing an eye God's way and capturing His heart.

Listen to God

Perry Noble said Leadership is as easy as listening to God and doing what he say. Church Leadership truly has entered the digital information age. Almost every church that has an internet connection finds a way to podcast. We have access like never before to great leadership voices around the world. A great blessing can become a great curse.

Instead of listening for 55 minutes to the latest Driscoll sermon take the hour to be silent and listen to hear what God wants to say. Driscoll doesn't know you or your situation from Adam. God does! Who would you rather listen too?


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