Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Community Transformation

Community Transformation was a phrase I heard often yesterday at the Cinnamon Network Forum in London. (They are doing an amazing job)

No matter what the latest label or buzz word we attach, It was inspiring to be in a room with so many people who are all passionate to reach out to the communities God has placed them in. Here are some of my thoughts that I took away from the day.

  • Keep Jesus and his Good News (The Gospel) the main thing.

Without transformed hearts we will never have a truly transformed community. The bad news is mankind is sick with a deadly disease. Its called Sin. No matter what environment we create it in this world our sin will tarnish it. The Good News is that God sent a cure. His name was Jesus and through faith in Him we are part of His Kingdom.

Once in that Kingdom we have many responsibility's but the preeminent one that dwarfs all others is to "GO into all the world and make disciples."

Creating a better life and alleviating suffering (which we should do ) in this life without telling someone about eternal salvation is down right crazy.
  • Seek the favour of God before we seek the favour of politicians
In our current economic situation it would seem that the church, although being marginalised and ignored by many politicians, at the same time has the opportunity to step up.

The church and other faith groups are stepping into the gap that the government and local councils are leaving because of the need for spending cuts. Mobilising volunteers to deliver services.

That takes many of us into the political arena looking to gain favour and finance to expand our good works. We must always remember that MP's, Councillors & Party's come and go but Jesus remains forever on the throne. Courting the favour of God is much more valuable than the favour of a political party.
  • Release the treasure that God has put in our church
In every local church God has place treasure. They are called people. He has shaped every one of them in a unique way. Each has particular gifts, passion, abilities, personality and God given experiences on purpose to reach into this broken world and reach people for Jesus.

We must help people in our churches to discover this shape and then inspire and release them to radically pursue it with every fibre of their being.

  • Radical devotion to Jesus will bring the resource we need.

The Bible clearly states that in the very early church, NO ONE WAS IN NEED. Why? Because the believers in that early church were radical in the extreme. They sold possessions and land to meet needs.

It would seem often our dreams can be held back because of lack of finance. It would seem that at this present time there may be an opportunity for the church to receive finances from the Government. A god given opportunity? YES. But I also believe that God is always calling his people to a life of radical devotion.

You may not believe in tithing but some how I have this belief that if EVERYONE in the church just gave 10% of their income to Jesus we would be well on our way to financing most projects let alone if the whole church adopted the radical lifestyle of the infant church.

God continue to transform me!


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