Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Lance and me....

I have next to no interest in cycling other than cheering on the British team at the Olympics but the other week I got up at 2 am to watch the Oprah interview with Lance Armstrong. Yes I could have Sky+'d it but i was intrigued.

From the affirmative answer to the opening question the scene was set. The control he had exerted & the web of lies he had constructed were blown apart. His image and reputation tarnished forever and his character defects uncovered for the world to see.

Lance the hero now lance the villain.
Live strong became Live shame.
Condemnation almost universal.

But as I peer into the dark recesses of my wicked heart I find myself sitting uncomfortably in my chair.

I've never taken drugs but I have lied to save my pride.
I've never sued any one but I have assassinated them behind their back.

Lance talked about his need for control, a foe that continues to grasp at me so I understand something about that battle.

I can not offer forgiveness as I have not been wronged like so many others and that is their journey. However I cannot join the voice of condemnation as I would only be shouting at myself.

So I continue my daily interview with someone much loftier than Oprah. His questions much more challenging. His standards much more demanding. But each day he has the final word and I bow my head in humility and contrition as he whispers: GRACE.


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