Monday, July 09, 2012

Weird view of Money

We continued our teaching series at MKCC yesterday - Weird - Because normal isn't working.

Yesterdays topic a Weird view of money. We had the great privilege of hearing from Dave Ramsey (via video). His down to earth, honest teaching on the area of finance is excellent and challenging. It is a subject we need to talk more about in church not less. Yes it's uncomfortable but we can't go on ignoring an issue that is causing so much stress & hurt. Not from the point of view of asking for more money but to help people gain a better perspective on it than we have at the moment in the UK.

So many of us are living pay day to pay day with no thought of savings and a pile of debt that we fear we will never see paid off. Something has to change. Here are some of my notes from his message:
  • When u do something stupid with money it usually leaves you. I call it stupid tax. 
  • I started studying Gods word about money and I had a lot of those Duh moments. It sounded a bit like common sense.
  • 90% of marriages that end in divorce in the first 7 years end because of money problems. 
  • When you sow stupid you reap desperate. 
  • Impulsiveness is not a fruit of the spirit, patience is. 
  • Most people live their financial lives looking in the rear view mirror rather than the front windscreen. 
  • Act your wage, spend less than you make you are not the government.
You can watch the full message here, its worth the 30 minutes:

Weird with Money- Weird Part 5 from River City Church on Vimeo.


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