Saturday, July 14, 2012

Surprising questions to ask when looking for a leader

It would seem that Paul left Crete before he had finished the Job and left Titus with probably one of the most important and difficult tasks - appointing leaders in the churches.

It is very interesting to me that the great Apostle didn't keep this task to himself but instead left it to Titus. It would seem that Paul was interested in trusting and releasing his apprentices who had travelled and learnt with him into positions of real authority and responsibility not to keep them as yes them to his gift.

Its also very enlightening to me that the guidance he gave Titus was 99% about looking at character and behaviour rather than skill and ability.

Here are a summary of the questions he left him with to ask when appointing leaders (Titus 1 v 5-9):
  • Are they well-thought-of? 
  • Are they committed to their wife? 
  • Are their children believers? 
  • Does their children respect them and stay out of trouble?
  • Is their house in order?
  • Are they pushy? 
  • Are they short-tempered? 
  • Are they a drunk?
  • Are they a bully? 
  • Are they money-hungry? 
  • Do they welcome people? 
  • Are they helpful? 
  • Are they wise? 
  • Are they fair? 
  • Are they reverent? 
  • Have they a good grip on themselves? 
  • Do they have a good grip on the Message?
Are these the questions we ask when looking for leaders or more important are these the questions we ask of ourselves?


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