Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Knowing Jesus by Jake Smith Jr

Yesterday Myself, Nick, Joshua & Ben had a road trip to Breathe City Church, Stoke on Trent to hear a master class delivered by Jake Smith Jr. Young Adults Pastor at Willow Creek.

It didn't start off to well being stuck on the M1 for an hour going nowhere but we finally got there just as Jake was beginning his talk - Knowing Jesus

  • If you see Jesus for what he is, do not under any circumstances ignore him! 
  • Jesus didn't just teach with entertainment he taught with authority. 
  • When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted. (Matthew 28:17 NIV). They didn't doubt his power but his divinity. 
  • He (Jesus) is the ONE! 
  • Jesus Question: Who do you say that I am? Teacher, friend, father, provider but they don't go far enough or high enough till he rules all of you! 
  • As followers of Jesus we cannot live a passive existence and think that it's enough. Practice the pursuit of the one who perfects your faith. 
  • To BE in the presence of Jesus daily unleashes the power of God in your life. 
  • Doing comes from being, Jesus said "remain in me!"
  • When the young rich ruler came to Jesus the sermon he got was obey religious rules and sell your stuff. Way out of line with what his message of Grace was. What was Jesus up to:
  • Sometimes Jesus asks specific people to do specific things. Gods calling on your life is not nessesary the calling for others life. Jesus sometimes gives you a specific invitation to obedience, but we need to remember, it's not about doing something for God but being with him. 
  • When Jesus calls you it is to set you free from all that binds you up and adopt you into all he has for you. 
  • Idols can sometimes be something wonderful. Gifts that God has given us. They make wonderful gifts but lousy Gods! 
  • This guy talking to Jesus had two idols: The idol of religion & the idol of possesions. 
Listening to Jake was brilliant but hanging out with the great people of Breathe City Church was even better!

Below is a video of a similar talk he gave in his home church, enjoy:

Knowing Jesus: Week 4 from Axis on Vimeo.


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