Sunday, April 08, 2012


  • Huge day at Milton Keynes Christian Centre
  • Initial numbers suggest 1023 people attended MKCC today
  • Band were off the charts. Shout out to Emily, Sonia, Peter, Andy, Ed, Lavern & Nick. You guys were amazing.
  • Bev & the welcome team made sure we were all on chocolate overdose.
  • Maybe the atmosphere all we create on Easter Sunday should be what we carry with us each and every time the church comes together. Jesus is ALWAYS alive and ALWAYS risen. Just sayin!
  • George Ridley preached up a storm. A great gift to the church. A true Evangelist.
  • First service 25 people said yes to Jesus. Many in the second service but don't have count yet. Just amazing!
  • GRR Quote of the day: "Where there's a will there's a waiting relative."
  • I have to pinch myself from time to time because I am living my dream.
  • Home to watch Man Utd & Man City battle it out in their respective matches.
  • Fergie marches on.
  • Two players summed up the two teams: The CLASS of Paul Scholes & the ANTICS of Mario Balotelli.
  • A drink with the fabulous Nicola Ritchie.
  • Now chilling out watching the Masters.
  • PS This picture brought me to tears today. Stuart Watt and his family launched a brand new church in NE Scotland today. Mintlaw Community Church. I've been down in England for so many years but I'm just a North East Boy (Old Man) at heart so I just love to see the church advancing up there. Keep praying for Stuart!


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