Wednesday, April 11, 2012

49 Part 4

Continuing a series of posts on the 49 people who have influenced my 49 years.

Roy Ecclestone. Roy was one of the leaders of MKCC (or New City Pentecostal Church as it was then) when I arrived in September 1984. However I first came across Roy at a youth camp in Great Walstead a few years earlier. He was preaching a week that a group from his then home church of Coventry was attending the camp at the same time as a load of us from the North East of Scotland. I remember vividly him preaching on the last night about the Kingdom of God starting in Genesis and proceeding through book after book of the Bible. He never got to Revelation as we all rose to cheer the greatness of our God in light of this great preaching. Standing on our seats shouting and screaming praise to our glorious King Jesus. Amazing! Another great Bible teacher that I have been honoured to learn from.

John Ecclestone. Roy's son. For a short time I was his lodger. He still smirks when he thinks of the time my mum came to visit and I tried to clean the house for days on end. We have put the world to rights many times in our long often opinionated chats together. As well as a love for Jesus we also have a love of the beautiful game. Having followed my first love, Aberdeen FC, home and away for years arriving in Milton Keynes commuting to Aberdeen was not an option. So when I found out John went to watch it each week I decided I would tag along and support his team. Often I wish he had supported a decent side and not Aston Villa. lol. But a new allegiance had been born and regular trips to Villa Park began for my regular fix of heart ache.

Steve Adkins. Milton Keynes also allowed me to develop a friendship with Steve. Again I had met him at youth camps and even briefly when my Bible College took his Coventry Church on at a game of rugby. His team lost 36 - 0. I was part of a church he was planting in our home town of Newport Pagnell and enjoyed holidays together. Including trekking down to Royan France in our caravans. Steve also introduced me to Rick Warren & Saddleback Church which has had such a profound effect on me. Thankfully after travels to Liverpool and Sheffield in church leadership he is now back where he belongs at MKCC.

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