Monday, April 23, 2012

Amazing Jesus

30 Days with Jesus

Day 8 - Matthew 8 v 1 - 14

When Jesus heard this, he marveled v 10

Other translations say Jesus was AMAZED!

Now as I read scripture and learn of the things that Jesus did I am amazed.

I'm amazed that he turned water into wine.
I'm amazed that he healed lepers.
I'm amazed that he fed 5000 people with a lunch box.
I'm amazed that he walked on water.
I'm amazed that he calmed a storm.

But what amazed Jesus?

That someone with no heritage in the things of God. No training in scripture. No understanding of the ancient prophets, could find such a simple faith in Jesus so immediately. Whilst His "own" people with so much history behind them continued to miss both him and his message and opted for ritual over relationship.

Here is what Bible commentator Matthew Hendriksen says about what amazed Jesus:

"To be sure, also in Israel Jesus had found faith, but not a combination in one person of a love so affectionate, a considerateness so thoughtful, an insight so penetrating, a humility so outstanding, and a trust so unlimited"


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