Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What do you do when it seems God isn't listening

Prayer to me is sometimes confusing.
Don't suppose I should say that as a church leader.
Talking to my creator is obviously a good thing to do.
He encourages me to pray and even gives me a lesson direct from Jesus in how to pray.
So clearly it must be important.

He tells me over and over that he is listening and will answer.
But often it seems like there is no answer and only silence.

Then I am swung on a pendulmn looking for a reason that the silence persists.
Swing, It's my sin, God is refusing to listen because I am not holy enough.
Yes, but can I ever by my works make myself holy enough to be heard by a holy God.
Hasn't Jesus made me holy though his grace.

Swing, It's not His will, I'm asking for something that is not in line with what he wants.
Yes, but then why pray, why ask for something lets just leave it to His Will.
He knows best, i'll trust him and give up asking.
But he tells me to keep on asking and knocking and the door will be opened to me.

So I live in the tension which exists between trusting and asking and works and grace.

This little clip from Fancis Chan helped me to understand and rest in the tension a little more.

If you cannot see the video go here.


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