Friday, September 16, 2011

A prince of God

 "Hear us, my lord; you are a prince of God among us." - Gen 23 v 6

This was what was said by the ungodly Hitites about Abraham. Clearly there was huge respect towards Abraham. In the story following we get a tiny glimpse into Abraham's conduct and life which maybe gives as an idea of why he was held in such high regard.

Looking to buy a piece of land to bury his wife Sarah it turns out that he is twice offered the land for nothing. Most of us would have snatched the guys hand off and gone away smiling. He counted out payment to the value of the land and gave it any way.

The number one thing that is said by the unchurched about the people in church is that they are a bunch of hypocrytes. The total opposite of the respect shown to Abraham. Sometimes it feels like we have now accepted the tag of hypocryte and there is no other way for people to view us or even more importantly how we view ourselves.

To understand we are flawed and only accepted by God's grace is the basis of our faith. Grasping this lofty thought must drive us on through love and appreciation to live like the "prince of God" that we have become.

Grace is not a loophole for us to accept and live as a hypocryte. It is the catalyst for us to choose each day to life like a prince of God in every detail of our lives.


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