Friday, July 08, 2011

Disappointed by God

Very often in life we can be faced with real disapointments.
Let down by a friend.
Not getting the promotion I expected.
No getting the university place I wanted.
We can even be disappointed by those nearest and dearest.

Even in church disappointments can be close at hand.
Why did God not heal me?
Why was my prayer not answered?
Why did they choose that person for that ministry instead of me?

Real questions with real disapointments.
How are we supposed to handle disappointment.

I read the following post by Jon Bloom at Desiring God that just blew me away:

"Joseph Barsabbas was disappointed by Jesus. Joseph was a candidate to replace Judas Iscariot as one of the Twelve, but when the lot was cast it “fell on Matthias” (Acts 1:26). I’ll bet that was a blow.

The Bible never mentions Joseph again. But tradition says he later became the Bishop of Eleutheropolis (32 miles southwest of Jerusalem) and died a martyr. Assuming that’s accurate, imagine what Joseph may have learned about disappointment and how he might have counseled a disappointed young disciple twenty years later."

Please read the rest of the article here.

This guy was not disappointed by a family member, a friend or pastor he was disappointed by God. He didn't walk away when his opportunity to be one of the "Big" 12 he faithfully served his master with everything he had even giving his life.


Tani-Mo said...

That's a great question! Often we fail to realize we can't get what we want all the time. And being human allows us to feel all the doubtful things known to man. We often have to look at it like if we didn't get it(whatever it is) it just wasn't meant to be..Dissapointment is only a state of mind. And is often cured with replacement of something else. Staying occupied or focused on things to come if that makes any sense...

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