Thursday, July 07, 2011

Self Build Project

But you, beloved, building yourselves up in your most holy faith and praying in the Holy Spirit, keep yourselves in the love of God. - Jude 20 & 21

Each and every follower of Jesus has a huge responsibility to their selves. To build THEMSELVES up in their faith.

Yes our community of believers can play a vital part in that growth and leaders in that community have a deep responsibility to nourish and equip disciples but the heavy lifting in our journey of faith must be done personally.

Pastors, mentors and friends can point the way, clear the path and encourage each step but they can't walk the journey for you. Each step we personally take in joy or pain creates a history with God on which we build our trust in Him.

The reason he has chosen to put the Holy Spirit in each and every one of His followers is to help us on our own personal and individual and unique relationship and spiritual journey.

Opportunities that will help us BUILD OURSELVES UP abound we just need to stop blaming others for our spiritual stagnation and discontent and embrace just some of them.

  • Attend a local church regularly
  • Get attached to a small group and develop friends
  • Read God's Word often
  • Follow a reading plan on a daily basis
  • Speak to God often
  • Attend courses arranged by your church
  • Invest in attending conferences with great teachers
  • Speak to God often
  • Study the Word of God, Ask it questions
  • Find a friend who is a little further on in their journey and ask question.
  • Listen to sermons via podacsts
  • Speak to God often
  • Watch sermons by great teachers via the internet
  • Read blogs by great teachers
  • Read books recommended by people you trust. Then jump onto a website called Amazon. They have a few.
  • Serve others in a ministry in your church.
  • Speak to God often.
  • Go on mission to another country and serve people in need. (I can guarantee you its transformational)
  • Share with others what you are learning.
  • Enrol on a teaching programme through a college, residential, correspondence or even online.
  • Oh and speak to God often.
Jude is telling believers who only had a few of these opportunities. As Jude puts it: Beloved, we have no excuse!

Build YOURSELF up in YOUR Faith.


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