Monday, October 11, 2010


Ignored by the world, but recognized by God. - 2 Cor 6 v 9

In the middle of describing this strange upside down world we would expect as followers of Jesus, Paul says that we should be expect to be anonymous to the world whilst known to the one person that matters.

The advent of reality TV has seemed to uncover tens of thousands of people who desperately want to be famous. To be known by millions. I'm sure that desire has always existed but now there seems to be a ready built medium to catapult them to fame or maybe infamy.

But it is however great to be recognized by someone we respect or look up to in some way. To think that they could look into a sea of faces and pick you out of a crowd is exhilarating. You doubted that they would even know your name let alone recognise your face.

God not only recognises each and everyone of his followers but has even numbered every hair on their heads.

You can never be anonymous when God knows your name.


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