Tuesday, February 09, 2010

If it ALL disappeared?

The Bible tells us that one day Satan talked to God about Job. Job seemed to have it all a great family, a great home, a great business, he had it all and he honoured God. So Satan asks the million dollar question.

"But what do you think would happen if you reached down and took away everything that is his?" - Job 1 v 11

This question hit me hard today.
I have often said all I have is yours.
It is easy to SAY isn't it.
But what would I say if ALL I have was taken away. Maybe even in one day like Job.
My laptop
My Iphone
My Car
I'm OK so far.

My furniture
My House
My Job
Now its getting serious!

My health
My children
My wife
Now I am in deep trouble!!

God help me trust you completely.


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