Monday, December 21, 2009

Stuff like this just does not happen

Reading a Post from my old pastor Roger Blackmore (In old I mean that he was my Pastor many years ago, but I guess that makes us both old, sorry Roger) my jaw just hit the floor.

Roger's church are in the process of appointing a Student Ministries Pastor and although they don't have the budget they were stepping out because they knew it was the right thing to do. Their own congregation are being given the opportunity to give however I still cant quite believe what happens next. Here it is in Rogers own words:

"A friend of mine who pastors a great church in this area that has a lot of financial challenges as they look to the future. He told me his leaders have had a meeting and decided to give us $25,000 to pay our new staff member during 2010. He told me they love what we’re doing, want to see us open more campuses and continue to kick butt, so they want to help us move forward."

So another local church decides to fund another local church to hire a pastor. What?!?!

That really is kingdom!

Read Rogers post here.


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