Monday, December 21, 2009

Being a dependable man of God

Silas, a most dependable brother. I have the highest regard for him. - 1 Peter 5 v 12

We only come across the name Silas a handful of times in the New Testament but we don't really know too much about him. What I do know about him makes him in my eyes truly Godly man.

Sometimes I here phrases in the church which although I understand they way they are used does not sit perfectly comfortably. "He is a number one leader" or "He is a number two leader" etc.

Although I suppose that these levels of leadership exists church leadership is much more about team than anything else.

Silas was a leader in his own right, one of the church council of the Jerusalem "Mega" church. But he never wrote a book for the new testament but delivered the letters. He never planted a church own his own but was with Paul as they did it together. He even suffered beating and prison with Paul. He even supported the young Timothy.

The "greats" of the New Testament wanted Silas with them. Somehow they may not have been quite so great if this "dependable" man of God was not with them.

They recognised that, so were not threatened and he recognised that, so was content.


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