Wednesday, January 23, 2008

With friends like these who needs enemies

Watched the video below after seeing it on Tim Stevens blog.

Why oh why is this such a common theme in church life. We end up fighting between ourselves. I understand that a church will not suit everyones taste, but why is it when people do not like the way a church is being lead do they not just leave quietly and find somewhere they can fit in find and place where they can contribute to the kingdom.

Instead they seem to do everything they can to bring pain to the church and the leader they have now left. They do not seem to realise that the fact that they have just left has already caused the leader pain and there is no need to twist the knife in.

There you are trying your best to serve God, making mistakes for sure, then you are told: You are cursed, You are possessed, the holy spirit has left the Church etc etc. It makes me mad and sad.

If you are a leader watch this and at least you will know you are not alone in the pain you sometimes feel.


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