Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heart of the Matter

Had a blast preaching at church this past Sunday. We are in the middle of a series Re energise your life. This past Sunday we looked at the heart of the matter. Sometimes we can look great and sound great but underneath we have a heart defect that will kill us.

The Christian life is not first and foremost about what we say and do its about a heart to heart relationship with Jesus. One that grows and develops with time spent not just ritual following of rules.

I feel sometimes we like the rules because we think its easier to live a life under the confines and safety of a creed than it is to live a life of adventure, freedom, risk and adventure with God.

Eventually if we follow this path like Lot instead of living on the mountain of risk with God we will compromise with evil and live in smallville (Zoar - means small town) separated from our destiny. (Genesis 19 v 18 - 20)


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