Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Who is praying around you?

This last week Tearfund released details of a survey about peoples prayer habits in the UK. Their results were very interesting. In a day when overall church attendance is heading south it seems that their survey shows that 42% of Britons pray.

One in six prayed daily and one in for prayed weekly. 57% of people suggested that it changed what happened in their lives.

This tells me that although many people have become disillusioned with the church and other religious establishments there is still an innate belief in God within us and a spirituality.

I am sure that many people pray out of a sense of complete desperation. They have no where else to go so they try God. Well that's a good place to be realising our helplessness and talking to our creator about it.

We have got to do a better job within the church in helping people into the glorious relationship that is on offer through this God they are asking for help.

Full Tearfund survey.


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