Sunday, November 25, 2007

Voices can lead you astray

Four of us who are attending the conference at willow next week are staying with Chuck & Sharon, members of Willow Creek Church. I met me travelling companion Sunil for the first time at the Dollar Rent a car depot. We invested in a SatNav and put our trust in the electronic sounding voice on the dashboard, to get us too our destination. Everything went smoothly and we arrived safely 40 min later.

However one of the other guys did not find it so easy. Having arrived at O'hare airport some 5 hours before us he had a bit of a nightmare and when we arrived at our hosts he still was not there. Seems like the SatNav had taken him to a street with a similar address in the south side of Chicago when the pace we are staying is north. Seems like his place was misplaced.

It pays to double check what you are being told and to do that effectively you need to have a little knowledge.

Around church my experience is that whether intended or not many Christians put their faith or blind trust in other people voices. The accept teaching and direction from pastors and leaders without checking it with Jesus first hand. They don't read and study Gods word for themselves so can't filter what they are being told.

Our trust and faith is to be place in Jesus not people.

By the way when you spell check SatNav on blogger you get Satan!


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