Sunday, November 25, 2007

JetBlue Rock

Had a great flight up to the windy city with JetBlue. I am told they are a relatively new airline and my experience was great. Check in was all computerised. In fact they even sent me an automatic email to remind me of my flight details and informing me of my check in procedure. That was a self serve idea with a simple bar code allowing me to get a boarding pass before dropping off my bag.

They also did the unthinkable they kept you informed of the situation prior to boarding. The incoming flight was running slightly late. They told us that it was in holding pattern and when it landed. This seems to be in total contrast to most airlines who seem to take pleasure in keeping things secret and think that a delayed post next to their flight on the airport information system will suffice.

On board the leg room was incredible the seat back AV system had about 40 live TV stations as well as pay per view movies. I watched 2 premier league matches on the journey.

All together a great experience.


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