Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Words I wish Jesus never said

I came across the following as part of a series a church was teaching their Young People. I though it was both great and challenging. I am sure we will use this in some way at MKCC over the next couple of years.

Words I Wish Jesus Never Said

Sell Your Possessions
Our stuff can have a grip on our life. We always want more (no matter where we are at). We need to let go of our stuff or the notion that our stuff is more important that our relationship with God.

Jesus as the Only Way
In an unfamiliar place, it is so freeing to know one way to get somewhere. Lots of roads can get very confusing and cloud how to get to your destination.

Forgiveness is when you have every right to punish someone and you choose not to. - Forgiveness is about a clean slate. In our culture, we tend to say, “Its ok,” but we hold onto it and still keep score.

Lose Your Life
What does it mean to surrender our lives to God?

Reconcile with Others
You must make your relationships right with others in order to have a right relationship with God.

Make Disciples
It is our responsibility to disciple others.

Anything else you wish he had not said?


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