Friday, April 27, 2007

Bad stuff has to come out

I have been very challenged this week after listening to a podcast from Newspring Church by Perry Noble. They are in the middle of a series called Americas Idol.

Based on the book of Jonah, this last week he was looking at the subject of character. God was more interested in developing Jonahs character than he was in the tremendous success Jonah had just seen in Nineveh. So many people had just got right with God yet Jonah was angry with God. Then we see God dealing with him in the forth chapter. Dealing with character issues.

God is passionately interested in getting the bad character traits out of our lives. He sometimes applies pressure to get them to come to the surface.

This week has been a particularly difficult week. Busyness and pressures with arranging the Ultimate Event at Alton Towers have taken their toll and I have been only to aware of some of the traits I need to deal with in my life.

I need to spend a little more time with Jesus if I'm going to become a little more like him.

Wake up call!


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