Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Out a control

Spent a quiet evening in last night watching my favourite sport - Football. I was introduced to this great game as a nipper by my Grandad - William Whyte. He used to entertain me with stories of great games he had been too and I was consumed with excitement when we set of with my Uncle and him to watch my first game at Pittodrie stadium. Home to Aberdeen Football Club my first love.

Our start at that time was Joey Harper our top goal scorer. At halftime we were 2 - 0 down and my dream had turned into a nightmare. Joey hadn't touched the ball and my faith was evaporating fast. Everything had the perfect ending though as Joey scored a hatrick in the second half and we ended up winning 4-2.

My journey with AFC has given me some great highs and some terrible disappointments. Passions run high. I've never been quite so bad as the "fan" who ran on to the field last night and tried to punch Frank Lampard - a chelsea player. I may have wanted to do it but always managed to restrain.

After all it is "only" a game! You got to be kidding!


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