Tuesday, March 27, 2007

God found me

Have not posted much recently. The Ultimate Event at Alton Towers is taking up much of my time. However took some time out last night to go and see the new release - Amazing Grace. The very title alone was enough to get my interest.

For those of you who do not know, it tells the story of reformer William Wilberforce and his battle to abolish the evil slave trade 200 years ago. There are many things which hit me watching the movie. You have got to see it! Apart from the main theme of the cruelty of man to man there were other slightly more unexpected messages for me.

One scene shows Wilberforce in his garden amazed at the creation and talking to God only to be interrupted by his butler. His butler acknowledged that Wilberforce had found God only for him to reply: "Its more that God has found me and it is somewhat inconvenient". I loved this description of His relationship with God. I once heard some one say that Jesus was the hound of Heaven and he is after you. We very often talk about our spiritual quest to find God but its amazing to think that God is looking for us!

In another scene William is trying to decide if he should become a preacher and follow God or become a politician to change society. The answer came back that he could change the world by doing both. Sometimes we set our sights to low. Through years and years of arguing, politicking, convincing, hardship, misrepresentation and illness Wilberforce fought to bring God's Kingdom into this world.

We are not here to do or play church. God found us so that we could find our cause and bring God's Kingdom to the earth.

Now thats a cause worth getting up in the morning for.


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