Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Treasures in ordinary jars

Church life continues to be exciting and fulfilling. I can't think of anything I would rather be doing.

As our church continues to develop we are going through the process of developing a new leadership team. Maybe the word is more recognizing than developing. We have a wonderful group of people who are dedicated and sold out for our church. They are already leading most of what happens within our church. Although many of them don't realise it and certainly will not admit it they are hugely talented.

In a day when even in church leadership ego seems to reign supreme it is wonderful to be surrounded by a group of friends who passionately want to see God's love impact the world, are doing their level best to make this happen but don't quite realise what God has made them.

My wife is our Children's Pastor. She said that she was overwhelmed to be asked to form part of our churches "Vision Team" (Our name for our core leadership team). When I asked why? She said that she didn't know what she could contribute! I sat dumbfounded. Nicola has lead our Children's Ministry for a few years and has built it into something to be proud of. She leads the largest ministry team, has developed leaders to take over parts of the ministry and is now working with our Youth Pastors. And she doesn't think she has anything to contribute. I think God can work with an attitude like this. Unfortunately my experience with many leaders has been so different. As soon as a little bit of "success" comes along a look at me syndrome sets in.

We are all just ordinary pots, nothing great to look at on the outside, but we carry with us the worlds greatest treasure - Jesus.

I am looking forward to working and laughing with this "ordinary" Leadership Team.


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