Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One is the most lonely number

I eagerly picked up Erwin McManus new book "Soul Craving" from the bookshop recently. Since hearing Erwin speak at a Willow Creek Conference in Cheltenham a couple of years ago I have made a point of ensuring I read his books and listening to his podcast at www.mosaic.org.

Having your mind and heart challenged is one of the greatest gifts you can have. Too often we settle for the status quo in our lives, in our careers and in our churches. We need voices in our lives to shake us up a bit, to have our world rocked. I thank God that he uses people like Erwin McManus to ruffle our feathers and to tip us out of our comfortable boat.

In the first section of this new book he explores our desire, search and absolute desperate need for love. God created with an inbuilt need to love and be loved. We were never meant to be alone. That comes from someone like me who actually enjoys his own company. But you can enjoy things with someone you love that you can never experience alone. Life is always better shared.

I thank God for the relationships he has put around me. My wonderful wife who continues to surprise me even after 18 years. My kids who seem to manage to bring to the zenith of so many emotions on a daily basis. My friends who continually inspire and challenge me and of course my church family here at Milton Keynes Christian Centre who are committed to loving people unconditionally.

Above all this is my relationship with my confidant, lover and friend - Jesus. The last 32 years like any relationship have seen their ups and downs but he never gave up or lost interest.

Its truly a great life when you have left the number one and pursued relationship.


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