Monday, January 08, 2007

Pursued By God

The first few days of this year have been endured with a stinking cold. It has had one benefit though. As I have spent some time alone at home feeling a bit sorry for myself I have watched a few TV programmes I SKY+ over the Christmas period and have not had a chance to watch.

One in particular was a production called "C S Lewis: Beyond Narnia." Anton Rodgers, cast as an elderly C S Lewis, took us on a journey of the great writers life. Childlike faith gave way to staunch atheism which was in turn pulled down by the love and Grace of God bursting into a somewhat reticent life.

It was suggested that C S Lewis didn't really want to believe he was a reluctant Christian. The words that struck me were:

"It was at all times quite wonderful. Although I sincerely wished it were not. I was in an unholy muddle. Where could I turn? Was there no escape? It was a hunt and I was the prey!"

Many people talk about man's search for God. I have come to realise more and more that God's is on the hunt. Motivated and spurred on by His ultimate passion - relationship with people. He will not be put off and he will not miss out.

Maybe its time for us to stop running and be caught!


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