Thursday, April 06, 2006

The Years Roll By!

Had a long telephone conversation with a Guy I went to college with about 24 years ago - Andrew Georgiou. We don't see each other that often, maybe bump into each other at a meeting or conference from time to time. But of course our conversation drops back into old acquaintances etc. etc. It yet again reminded me how quickly time passes.

It only seems yesterday when I met Andrew for the first time when we both arrived fresh faced at Mattersey Hall - AOG Bible College. In fact we didn't even really get on in our time there. I was in my know it all stage and was very often arguing with someone. (Hopefully I've changed a little but that's for other people to say)

It caused great amusement at the time within the student population when we both announced that we were both going to work in a church in Milton Keynes and even more laughter when it was discovered we were going to share a house together. I'm glad to say that during our time in MK we developed a little better of a friendship. If you have read other parts of this blog you will know that I stayed in Milton Keynes. Andrew moved away but has kept serving God in every church he has been a part.

It was good to talk to him again and to know that although we are not quite as fresh faced as we used to be we are still radically committed to following Jesus and advancing His kingdom.


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