Monday, April 17, 2006

New Service

Had a great time at church yesterday. The palce was heaving. For some time now we have ran 2 services on a Sunday morning. Our early bird service at 9 am saw over 180 get in early. That's a good 40 up on our usual attendance. Maybe they just wanted to be free to enjoy the rest of the day!

Our most popular service is our 11 am service. Yesterday we had over 300 people crammed in with some extra seat out in the foyer. Add to this 150 in our Kids Church for their own special programme. It was great to see so many people celebrating Easter Sunday.

The exciting part was introducing our 3 rd Service on a Sunday at 5 pm. We want to continue to give people the opportunity to meet Jesus. It was a good start with nearly 90 in attendance.

Our creative team put on a great performance with a drama - Worth it All. With a number of people committing to follow Jesus for the first time.

Happy Easter


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