Sunday, October 25, 2015

The motivation for giving?

It was great to have Andrew Shearman with us at MKCC. He has been a great friend and influence to our church and leadership over many many years. He continues to lead G42 Leadership Academy in Spain inspiring many young people into the great mission of Jesus. Here are a few quotes from his message today: We're given to generosity.

  • If we are going to put our head up into the arena of influence we better look like Jesus.
  • Giving is not how the church raises its budget it is how God raises his children.
  • Lovers are the best givers, God is love, so he is the ultimate giver.
  • Tithing and giving did not come out of obligation or command but out of love and thankfulness.
  • Jacob the natural grabber, after an almighty wrestle with God, became a giver.
  • The deepest truth in the Bible is: Jesus loves me this I know.
  • It is possible to give without loving, but it is NOT possible to love without giving

Afterwards the great people of Milton Keynes Christian Centre made their pledges to give to the vision of our church over the next year through All In.


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