Friday, September 25, 2015

Mistakes Leaders Make Conference

In November we are excited to welcome author, Dave Kraft to Milton Keynes Christian Centre.

Dave has walked with Jesus for more than 50 years. He served with the Navigators for 37 years before becoming a leadership coach. Dave has also served as a Pastor at Mars Hill Church.

On 14th November, Dave will walk us through 5 of the 10 Mistakes he sees leaders often make:

  • Allowing Ministry to Replace Jesus 
  • Allowing Pleasing People to Replace Pleasing God 
  • Allowing Artificial Harmony to Replace Difficult Conflict 
  • Allowing Information to Replace Transformation 
  • Allowing Pride to Replace Humility
Dave writes, “As leaders, we can have our ‘sweet spots,’ situations in which we function well and are fruitful and productive, experiencing God’s favour and great joy. We can also have our ‘blind spots,’ where the termites are doing their slow but sure work, which causes defeat, discouragement, and derailment, and eventually leads to the knockout blow that sends us down to the canvas for the count” (from Mistakes’ Introduction). 

I personally have been impacted so much by Mistakes Leaders Make and his first book, Leaders Who Last.

If you can get to Milton Keynes on Saturday 14th I am sure that it would be worth your investment.


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