Sunday, September 27, 2015

_____ In Christ

During our series Amplify at MKCC we are taking some time to walk through our core values. This week Pastor Mark talked to us about:

We're Moving Towards Maturity 
We have made an intentional decision to grow up in Christ.

Here are some of the things that hit me from his message:

  • Maturity is all about being IN CHRIST, Walking in Christ, Rooted in Christ & Being Built up in Christ.

  • I guarantee that if you will build Gods house he will build your house

  • Don't just add Jesus to your life place him at the centre and keep your eyes focused on him

  • Don't let your love for the doing the work of God replace your love for God alone

  • Through life we will walk through difficulties, trials, problems & more but as Christians we walk IN CHRIST

  • If you were arrested as a christian would their be enough evidence to convict you

  • Cut flowers look great in a vase in the house but they won't last because they have no roots, we have to be rooted in Christ

  • Some people build their lives around things close to Christ but not Christ. Some people build their lives around worship. They live to reach that ecstatic moment and are not fulfilled if it is not reached. Others around prayer or fasting. These things may bring us to Christ but they are not Christ. 


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