Tuesday, January 27, 2015

When the crap hits the fan?

A few thoughts from Pastor Mark's message at MKCC on Sunday. Image Bearers - Fruitful.

  • Even when you or anyone else didn't see anything in you God intentionally chose you.  
  • Often we feel like we are striving not thriving - but God is at work in both these extremes to transform us. 
  • God is at working in your life to make you an OAK not a twig.
  • You didn’t choose me, remember; I chose you, and put you in the world to bear fruit! - John 15:16 
  • Jesus is the only TRUE vine (source of life) not even the church can give you what Jesus can 
  • Every branch that does bear fruit he prunes,t hat it may bear more fruit - John 15:2 / God's plan is to make you more like him.
  • When the crap hits the fan in your life, maybe don't blame the devil, & ask what is God trying to teach me. 
  • The Christian life has to be a supernatural life because without Jesus we have no hope of living it 
  • Jesus is the centre, not a priority on a list 
  • Abiding in Jesus love means we will love others. Love not condemnation will always be our highest goal towards others
Check out the full message here.


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