Thursday, May 15, 2014

Psalms - a real life story

In the psalms I find myself at my worst and my best. Here I can acclaim God with warmth and confidence and hope, but here I can also give vent to those black thoughts that might otherwise lie hidden in the dark and angry corners of my heart. 

Above all the Psalms express the reality of my longing for God and my joy and sufferings in the vicissitude of my search for Him. Sometimes God is close, sometimes distant. I seek Him in the desert and on the mountain, in poverty and in emptiness and in waiting.

Today God is mindful of me, tomorrow he may not visit me. Today I am brought to the mountaintop, tomorrow I am calling from the depths. Today I am radiant, tomorrow I face darkness. Today I enjoy life, tomorrow I feel the hand of death.

- Esther de Waal ( Seeking God )


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