Thursday, May 08, 2014

My Food

This week at HTB Leadership Conference I heard Bobbie Cheema, Senior Treasury Counsel, talk about her faith with Nicky Gumbel.

Bobbie was introduced to the Gospel when she visited a tent mission which was being held in a park in Leeds where riots had broken out some years before.

It is so interesting to me the immense variety of ways that Jesus breaks into peoples lives. In this case he uses a holiday club in a tent mission, faithfully ran by people that probably none of have ever heard of to change the course of a young Sikh girls life.

On becoming a Christian, Bobbie, was not allowed to attend Church so as a brand new Christian, the Bible became her food.

It reminded me again that we often value God's Word in the way that we should. We read, listen & watch so much information but only his Word gives us a true revelation that will build our lives on a secure foundation.

Here are a few other things that I noted down from her talk.
If we are not ambitious as Christians (in the right way, in fear and trembling) then we are selling our God short.

Ambition & humility not mutually exclusive.

The three most important things in leadership: Clarity of Thought, Honouring Others and Courage & Fearlessness.

Always HONOUR those you lead, lift them up, mentor and lay down your life for them.

I go into court at the Old Bailey early each day & pray. I say "Here I am, come on, what are we going to do today"


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