Thursday, March 06, 2014

What is God's point?

"One of the biggest questions we've ever asked is: What God's point is? I asked myself that as a little boy, still asking it in may ways. Although I think I've come to a conclusion.

It is I believe that we are born to be loved. Everyone is trying to love God, they don't know that he loves them. So being born to be loved is the key to everything else, because God's point is a love affair.

And so when we actually try to achieve something we are going to have to do it together. So if we are ever going to get what God wants, which is his inheritance. We are flat out going to have to love each other, work together, which means we are going to have to grow up. We are going to stop being boys and start being men. We have got to stop being girls and start being women. We have got to get out of the bleachers into the arena. We have got to get out of the wilderness, where it looks nice, you live in all these lovely blessings, but you actually end up disinherited.

God is looking for his family that will get a full inheritance. Which means that we have got to become who he is, we've got to become God with skin on.

And you have got to go pioneer something, build something, then smash hell to pieces and take back what's been lost. That's his inheritance!

Is there a generation actually out there that's capable of becoming something like Christ?"

- Andrew Shearman

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