Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Jesus had a fatal flaw....

Read a quote from Michael Yaconelli yesterday that found an uncomfortable home in my heart:
Jesus has a fatal flaw: He can't stay away from failures. He is a friend of failers, a lover of failers. Everyone else has given up, He seeks them out - the woman who failed at five marriages; the blind man by the pool, who had failed to get his timing down for 38 years in a row...the disciple who failed at following; the thief who failed at keeping the law; the adulterous woman who failed at moral purity; the doubting disciples who failed to believe.  

The church loves stories failures that have suceeded. Stories of conqured sin. We are open to talk about "past" sin and how we with God's help defeated it.

But when someone is struggling of being defeated by their ever so present sin we get a bit queesy. But Jesus continually steps into the mess. Grabs hold of the failure and shows His power in the middle of our weaknesses.

And i'm still thankful he pursues failures as thats the tribe I identify most with....


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